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CULINARY TREND MAPPING REPORT An indispensible tool if you need to stay abreast of what’s hot in the food world. Each succinct, 12-15 page report is packed with Trends, Data, Strategies and Trendslations™. Find the report that will help you stay ahead of the trends in your category.

About Us

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, a home of cutting edge trends, CCD Innovation is a strategic food and beverage product development agency that blends culinary creativity with strategic marketing expertise. Our strength in identifying the latest food trends, from both culinary and consumer-behavior perspectives, makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients create food product solutions that satisfy consumer expectations.

For over 24 years, CCD Innovation has looked to our over 100 member Chefs’ Council®, comprised of a wide range of prominent culinary experts, to help us identify emerging trends. Through these years of experience we’ve devised and validated a technique called Trend Mapping® to determine which trends are “gaining traction,” and which are simply flashes in the pan. Trend Mapping is guided by the premise that major food trends pass through five distinct stages on their way to the mainstream.