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CULINARY TREND MAPPING REPORT An indispensible tool if you need to stay abreast of what’s hot in the food world. Each succinct, 12-15 page report is packed with Trends, Data, Strategies and Trendslations™. Find the report that will help you stay ahead of the trends in your category.

Culinary Mash-Up

Culinary Mash-Up

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The mash-up is as popular with independent chefs as it is with fast casual restaurants. In 2012, Taco Bell launched its Doritos Locos Taco (DLT), featuring a shell made from Doritos Chips. In 2014, with much fanfare, the company debuted the Waffle Taco, another portable cross-cultural combo offering. CCD Innovation sees this trend playing out from quirky indie cafés to quick service restaurants—so we put food mash-ups at Stage 5 on the Culinary Trend Mapping Report®.